Frequently Asked Questions and Preempted Questions

This page is to be used for us to calmly and quickly answer various questions that either pop up often or that haven't occurred yet but we want to answer before they do.

Can I join Interplananr Industries?

We are not currently accepting applicants at this time. If this changes in the future you will be free to ask us and send in your creditials.

Will Soul ever show herself on camera?

Technically she has, as she's shown up in the background of a few of Noctus' videos, but that's not what this question is asking. We don't know, as that's for her to decide and not us. Soul is very camera-shy and will show herself if she wants. Pressuring her to do so will only make her more anxious and less likely to do it.

How long has you guys known each other?

Crimson and Vampy have known each other since Vampy was a very young kid. Noctus and Soul have known each other since they were babies. Noctus and Vampy met in the 4th grade and soon after Soul met Vampy as well. Vampy later met Sean at a local arcade and a few years later Noctus met him as he and Soul had both moved away. Many years later Noctus and Soul moved back and met Crimson, with Soul soon after meeting Sean. Not long afterwards was the idea of Interplanar Industries formed and the rest is history.

Are any of you LGBT?

Yes, actually:

Why do you swear so much in your videos?

We don't swear as much on video as we do in real life, trust me, and the reason is because we're fairly authentic people. We'll let you know how we're feeling and usually won't sugarcoat it. If that means we emphasize it with swearing, then we will.

Will you play [this game]?

Depends on the game. Some games we refuse to play either due to past experiences or because of other biases. Some games we've never heard of and would love to play. Some games we've forgotten about and would like to revist. Suggest it to a member and it may be added to a list or a reason may be provided.

[Item] is sold out in the store![Heavily Preempted]

That sucks, but it may be because of one of three reasons:

  1. Our supplier hasn't gotten in a shipment yet
  2. The item has been discontinued
  3. The materials to make the item are in short supply and the items haven't been made yet